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Sonya Szabo-Reynolds, Piano & Gretchen L. Germann, Flute

Powerful Impressions
By Jeanine Nellis Yeager

Gretchen L. Germann, Flute
Sonya Szabo-Reynolds, Piano

World Premiere:
ChamberPalooza at the Cincinnati Art Museum
October 14, 2023

Composer’s Comments about “Powerful Impressions”

"Powerful Impressions" is a suite of four pieces for flute and piano, expressing a variety of contrasting energy extremes, from emotionally sensitive to physically active. Energy is the core of all my composing, forming the type of "personality" the music will express. Of course, the result reflects my personal energy at the time of composing. I seem to be a person of energy extremes!
     --Jeanine Nellis Yeager

The jazz flavor of "Blue Mood" reflects moody as well as powerfully dramatic energies.

"Interlude" is unapologetic old-fashioned romantic music.


Strongly intriguing, "Dark Drama" is suspenseful, with everchanging energies and moods.


"Celebration" is simply a piece of fun! ..... nothing but light happy energy!

About the Composer

Jeanine Nellis Yeager is a native of Dayton, Ohio. In high school, she was guest piano soloist with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. She attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, where, as an accompanist for the conservatory’s dance department, she became skilled at keyboard improvisation. Her long-standing love for contemporary dance and improvisation is reflected in her more meditative, interpretive compositions.

Mrs. Yeager completed her Bachelor of Music degree in piano at Capitol University; she received her Master of Music degree in theory and composition from The Ohio State University. Mrs. Yeager has given numerous lecture-performances of her compositions. She is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota.

As a composer, Mrs. Yeager has over 40 piano collections published by the Neil A. Kjos Music Company including ten collections of Christmas arrangements. She also has a Christmas ensemble collection with Kjos.

Jeanine has moved from her beloved rural woods to Dayton Ohio. However, she will always be inspired by nature, which strongly activates her musical creativity ranging from the sensitive, meditative, introspective style, to energetic, almost athletically vigorous music ... and much in between.

Jeanine Yeager.jpg

Gretchen L. Germann, Flute

Gretchen L. Germann received her BA in Music Education at Shepherd College in West Virginia and her MM in Flute Performance at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.  She performs regularly with the 

Syrodesy Flute Trio and the Yellow Springs Chamber Orchestra.

While she enjoys performing, her true passion lies in teaching. As the owner/operator of GIFT Flute Studio in Kettering, Ohio, Mrs. Germann teaches in her home offering private lessons, group lessons, masterclasses, small ensemble opportunities, and solo opportunities for her students. Her professional affiliations with the National Flute Association, the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs, the Dayton Music Club, the Grater Dayton Suzuki Association, and the Suzuki Association of the Americas provide her students a wide array of opportunities.


In addition to her private studio teaching, Mrs. Germann currently serves as the lead teacher and flute instructor for Q the Music Band at EJ Brown Middle School, Q the Music is an El Sistema-inspired program provided by the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. She also serves as adjunct faculty with the University of Dayton’s New Horizons Band adult music program.

Sonya Szabo-Reynolds, Piano

As a collaborative pianist, Sonya Szabo-Reynolds has performed with principal players of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. Sonya is a board member and performer with the Cincinnati Chamber Music Network, and since its inception she has appeared nearly every year at CMN’s ChamberPalooza! event held at the Cincinnati Art Museum. She is also a frequent performing member of the Dayton Music Club.

Sonya graduated with high honors from the University of Michigan School of Music, where she received both her Master and Bachelor degrees in piano. Sonya is the Immediate Past President of Ohio Music Teachers Association. Recipient of OhioMTA's Nationally Certified Teacher of the Year award in 2016, her students have achieved numerous awards and scholarships. Sonya serves as an examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music, and holds Royal Conservatory of Music certification as Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Specialist. Sonya taught at Xavier University from 1993-2020.

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